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The Aglini brand is only six years old, but its knowledge is based on forty years experience of one of its founders, who still follows the project, fit and making of every garment.
Around this fundumental figure a team of young coperators, technicians and designers has grown to promote a sinergy of ideas of a solid and open minded structure.
A school of thoughts that pays back not only in terms of quality, originality and fashion content: the success of Aglini’s collections and its positioning among the most important international multibrand stores confirms that the house recipe works best.

A branded Aglini shirt is a product of the highest quality, unique and recognizable in its particular fit, its details and of its visible impact.
Derived from an emotianal technology, the Aglini product is closely related to the classic, beautiful, tailored Italian shirt and by understanding time moods has coupled perfect tailoring to creative eccentrics, mixing styles and inspirational sources in order to achieve an exclusive item.
The fabric range offers double twined cottons and a comfort stretch.

Luxury offers a classic shirt. Traditionally precious fabrics on revised and updated volumes, fitted and long shapes aware of changing moods and taste.

Washed is a shirt developed on traditional fabrics, solid cottons, textured stripes always delivered “garment washed”, crushed, mistreated. Chic and understatement.

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